Best Keyword Research Tools For Digital Marketing

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In this article you will get best keyword research tools that will help you to grow your business. The process of analyzing and finding search terms that people enter into search engines for specific purpose is keyword research. Keyword research mainly performed for search engine optimization(SEO) and for marketing.

Best keyword research tools
Best keyword research tools

Why SEO and Keyword Research? People use keywords to search for solutions for specific topic. So if your content stands in front on the searches performed by your audience you gain more traffic.

How this SEO is performed? In this article I will provide best keyword research tools that can be used by you for marketing your article.

Best Keyword Research Tools:

1) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner used to search for words or phrases related to your products or services. Our keyword research tool will help you find the keywords that are most relevant for your business.

Once you’ve found the keywords you like, you can add them to your advertising plan. Save your plan for future reference or share with your business team. When you’re ready, you can finalize and launch your campaign.

2) Answer The Public for keyword research

AnswerThePublic gets the search data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword.

With the help of this data you can create fresh, ultra-useful content, products and services. This will increase the search potential of the website and content through organic search.

3) Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a free chrome extension through which you can do keyword research for you business. It shows you monthly search volume, CPC, SEO difficulty metrics, Trend Chart, Related Keywords, Estimated organic traffic and the top keywords for all pages & websites on Google, Backlinks for Webpage and Domain.

4) Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a 100% free extension that allows you to see search volumes directly in Google search results. It is the fastest way to get search data, run keyword research, and get content guidelines directly in Google Search. For every search in Google, you’ll get the details like search volumes, CPC, keyword suggestions, related terms, visibility metrics, and on-page data.

5) UberSuggest for keyword research

Ubersuggest is a FREE chrome extension. It is a powerful SEO tool that gets keywords monthly search volume, CPC & competition data.

The Ubersuggest extension will not only provide keyword suggestions related to a specific keyword query on Google but also on sites like YouTube, Amazon & more.

When you go to YouTube or Amazon and perform a search, you will see data on suggested keywords.

6) LSIGraph

LSIGraph helps to achieve unstoppable traffic with the help three core stones of SEO. The three core stones of SEO are Right Keyword Intent, Optimize & intent matching content, contextually relevant content.

7) QuestionDB for keyword research

QuestionDB is not your typical keyword question tool. If you are blogger who writes about digital marketing and you want to know what are the topics you can write about in your blog, then by searching a specific keyword you will get the topics based on which you can write the blogs.

8) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a tool that containsr link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits. This is a complete all-in-one SEO tool set which is specifically designed for digital marketers which helps for google rankings.


By using the above tools you can able to identify the topics that is widely searched by the people across the globe, helps to rank your ads or the blogs in the first few top list of the google search results.

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