How to Identify the base in Vedic Maths?

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This article will help to lean What is a base? and How to identify the base of any number?

Identify the base of a number
Vedic Maths

What is the Base Of a Number?

Base is a number that is a simple number (usually multiples of 10) and must be close to the numbers given.

How to find the Base of a Number?

Let’s take a number 22. The nearest multiple of 10 of the number is 30. Hence the base of the number 22 is 30.

Below are some the examples that will help you for base identification of the number that falls in specific range.

Number RangeBase
1 to 910
11 to 1920
21 to 2930
31 to 3940
41 to 4950
Base Identification

And So On….

Worksheet To Practice( Base Identification):

Download the below document to practice. This is a printable document which can be downloaded and printed for practicing.


With the help of this article you will be able to identify the base of any numbers.

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